Cookies and vengeance

Photo via Artur could smell them as soon as he walked into the house. They almost masked the scent of decay he was growing used to. “Mom, did you bake cookies?” Tamara Harper shambled out of the kitchen, her gray skin showing her bones in even more places. She smiled, unable to speak since her […]

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Blue eyes

Photo via Visualhunt Analiese sighed as she flopped onto her battered couch. She looked around her grungy apartment. Splitting her time between her two jobs – one as a fast food worker for a well known chain and one as a gas station attendant – barely gave her enough money to live on and this […]

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A father’s love

Photo via Visual hunt Elena grinned as she danced around the living room, the silk dress moving against her skin. “Dad, you are awesome,” she said. Peter Wilkins smiled at his eighteen year old daughter. People often wondered why a man like him had adopted sweet blind child back when she was only five years […]

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Not all ancient gods are gone

Photo via Visualhunt Colette grabbed her mother’s hand. The thick straps of her camera slapped against her chest. She pulled them back away from the orange blouse her grandmother insisted she wear that morning. It matched the peculiar pattern of the skirt her mother forced her into before they left the hotel, in spite of […]

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All time runs out

Photo via Tick, tick, tick, tick. Kevin glared at Stephen. “Your watch is loud,” he snapped. “I’m aware of that,” Stephen said, completely unfazed by the other man’s irritation. “It’s not as if I can’t hear it too.” “So why do you wear it?” Kevin asked. “I like it,” Stephen said. “It’s a classic.” […]

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A goddess’ morning

Photo via Visual Hunt Elaheh sat at the table, pouring over the morning paper. Beside her, Theia and Reuel argued loudly over whose turn it was to cook breakfast. “Will you two stop? I’m trying to read here,” she said testily.” “There’s nothing interesting there, Ela,” Theia said. “It’s all gossip these days, mostly about […]

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