An Esper’s gift

Photo via Edgar leaned on his stick and watched his grandchildren play. The light breeze made the summer heat bearable. The river was running swiftly, a testament to the large amount of rain they’d gotten that spring. It was an abnormality he’d seen before, though his daughter and her husband claimed it was because […]

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A hero’s flame

Photo via Visual hunt It was eerily quiet. The sirens had stopped some time ago, and the bombs no longer shook the bunker. Brava clung to her daughter as the toddler whimpered in the dark. “Brava, hush that brat before she gets us captured,” someone hissed. Brava couldn’t tell who it was. “Have you ever […]

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Into the Flames – Chapter 1

As a bonus for my Kickstarter campaign (see the link at the end of the post), I’m offering the first chapter of Into the Flames for free. Chapter 1 Fiera dropped her lavender duffel on the ground at her feet and inhaled the warm, fresh wind, feeling a pang. She wasn’t even aboard the ship that […]

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Just an ordinary businessman

Photo via “He’s been locked in that room for days,” my wife said to someone. I continued pushing pins into the wall, faster and faster. I had to finish before she opened the door. I had to get done. “I can’t even get him to speak to me. The only reason I know he’s […]

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A bridge to nowhere

Photo via Visualhunt Coralie and Sera were tired, but exhilarated. They were nearing the midway point of the forty kilometer trek they’d started the previous day. Their guide smiled at them as she led them to the edge of the cliff. “Here is what you seek,” she said, gesturing. Both women gazed out in awe. […]

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Even books will last

Photo via Visual hunt Sora pushed the plaster and wood out of the way. “This place is ancient,” she said. “I told you,” Kapi said, heaving the large chunks of brick and mortar to the side. “How did you find it?” Sora asked, slipping in through the gap. “I was looking for fossils,” Kapi said. […]

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