Racing the Wind, Part 6

Photo via Visual Hunt The skies were gray, but Angharad didn’t care. It had taken three long months but the day had finally come. Her mother fastened the lace covered gown and ran a brush through her daughter’s golden curls. “You look beautiful, Angharad,” Lady Moirea said. “I think this is the first time I […]

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Racing the Wind, Part 5

Photo via Angharad escaped her ecstatic mother, who was now in full planning mode for her daughter’s wedding. She made her way to the library. Eridan was waiting for her. “Your mother is very enthusiastic,” he said. He was staring out the window and didn’t turn around. “Both my mother and father were worried […]

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Racing the Wind, Part 4

Photo credit: 10b travelling via VisualHunt / CC BY-NC-ND The next day Angharad led Eridan to a large field behind the keep. Several small cylinders were set up in a row with four of them wrapped in red cloth. “What is this?” Eridan asked. “Archery,” Angharad said. “The goal is to hit the red targets.” […]

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Racing the Wind, Part 3

Photo via Visual Hunt Angharad gave Eridan a few days to recover from his journey before approaching him. “Are you ready for the first challenge?” she asked. “I am,” he said, smiling. She loved how his eyes lit up and the scar puckered at the corner of his mouth. It gave his face character. Her […]

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Racing the Wind, Part 2

Photo via Visual Hunt Angharad smiled at Eridan and opened the door. “Here then is your room. I hope you find it satisfactory.” Eridan looked inside. “This is more than I expected to be given, Lady Angharad. You and your lord father are very generous.” “We may put my suitors through rigorous challenges, but we […]

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Racing the Wind, Part 1

Photo via Visual hunt Angharad laughed as Pirion tried to keep up with her. “You won’t win my hand that way,” she taunted, golden curls trailing behind her as she ran. “How are you so gods cursed fast?” Pirion asked, panting from the exertion. “I do not choose to spend my time caged by the […]

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