Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty two

It was Manas shaking her that broke the hold of the vision. “Katali, Lilavati, what happened? Your tiikeri was so loud I’m certain even those outside heard her, and you were sobbing and calling out something.” Lilavati was still sobbing. She clung to him, heedless now of the storm, as the gruesome vision replayed itself before […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty one

Ludger chivvied the cold, wet servants and guards into setting things up quickly. Lilavati retrieved the tent she now shared with Manas and put it up herself. “I have seen it done enough times to know how to manage it on my own,” she said at Manas’ curious look. “However, it does not furnish itself […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part forty nine

“Great Lord, have servants clean and replace everything in your tent,” Ludger said. “Then get them to move it to the spot I originally chose. Visit with those willing to talk to you, and then go get some rest. Perhaps nap this afternoon if you think you can. Great Lady, you need to stay with […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part forty five

Lilavati ran to his side. She seized hold of his face, forcing him to look at her. “What is this place?” she demanded. “It’s terrible, Great Lady,” Ludger said when it became obvious Manas was still too upset to answer her. She turned towards him. “Those who were condemned to the underworld for crimes they […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part thirty one

Photo via Visualhunt Lilavati knew that Ludger and Theda were watching her the entire time they were traveling that day. The storm drew closer and Lilavati could see everyone pulling out cloaks and covering things that were in burlap and canvas sacks. Ludger tossed something to Theda. “Here, Great Lady,” Theda said, helping Lilavati put […]

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I love you Mom

(This picture contains my older sister Melissa – who passed away from cancer in 2016, my mom – who passed away from cancer in 2003, my niece Alissa – who is Melissa’s youngest daughter, my youngest sister Maegan – who is mentally disabled and will never be able to live on her own, and my […]

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My dad

This is a stock photo. My dad doesn’t like having his picture online in very many places. Yesterday was my dad’s 82nd birthday. I called him and wished him a happy birthday on Friday, since I knew he was going to be out all day. Even at 82 he still gets around. He loves going […]

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