Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty one

Ludger chivvied the cold, wet servants and guards into setting things up quickly. Lilavati retrieved the tent she now shared with Manas and put it up herself. “I have seen it done enough times to know how to manage it on my own,” she said at Manas’ curious look. “However, it does not furnish itself […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part fifty one

  Manas gave her a hurt look. “What do you mean by that, katali?” Lilavati pursed her lips. He sat down while she remained standing. “He does not care that you have ordered him not to speak. You have offered no firm punishment and he knows that your fear of him will permit him to […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Forty four

Photo via Visual hunt Manas and Ludger both stared at her as if they were trying to figure out if she spoke the truth or not. “Your father seemed a man of great convictions,” Manas said. Lilavati snorted. “Only because you offered him the highest bride price paid for a woman not of royal birth,” she […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part forty

Photo via Visual hunt The sound of cracking bones woke her. Lilavati pulled away as Manas started his transformation. He screamed in agony as his body returned to normal. He collapsed into her arms. “My beloved,” he whispered, throat raw. “You fought for me.” “I would die for you, my love,” she whispered. Manas wept. “You […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part thirty nine

Photo via Visual hunt Ludger strode into the tent, a staff carved with strange sigils in his hand. They were glowing and a swirling mist surrounded them. The assassins lay on the ground groaning. Ludger turned and closed the tent again. Manas growled. Blood seeped down his hide from the many wounds he took and he […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part thirty eight

Photo via Visual hunt “By the Twelve,” one of the men shouted, a lamp held high in one hand and a sword in the other. “You never said he was that huge.” “It doesn’t matter,” Sieglinde said. Her golden hair was plastered to her head from the rain Lilavati could see falling outside. “Kill him, and find […]

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