Tiger, Tiger – Part twenty one

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati looked around. “But there is no tent,” she said. “Sit, my dark scholar, and I will explain why,” Manas said. Lilavati sat beside him while Theda settled on a rock across from them. Lilavati got the impression the preester was actually far older than she looked. She gave herself a mental […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part twenty

Photo via Visual hunt Manas joined them at that point. “You don’t what, my dark scholar?” “She doesn’t regret leaving her home, in spite of your secrets and her new curse,” Theda said. “Preester, it’s my secret to keep,” Manas said. “That is something we need to discuss after we set up camp,” Theda said. She […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part nineteen

Photo via Visual hunt “What is the Barrier?” Lilavati asked. “You won’t like it,” Manas said. “But I should prepare you since we’re about to pass into the area and I’m willing to wager you’re going to see it.” He took a deep breath. “A thousand years ago, when the Antinarians and the Velrusians – ancient […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighteen

Photo via Visual hunt Theda looked intrigued. “I’ll exchange one story of our gods for a tale of the way your people look at spirituality,” she said. “We can go on this way until we make camp.” “I will agree to that, so long as you do not let anyone else call you from my side,” […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part fifteen

Photo via Visual hunt It was harder staying in the saddle than Lilavati guessed it would be. It wasn’t more than an hour after breaking camp before she was regretting her choice. Manas rode up next to her. “You shouldn’t be riding, my dark scholar,” he said. “I will not be put in a cart, as […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part fourteen

Photo via Visual hunt Manas set Lilavati down on a pile of blankets, which his men hastily threw together for her. He left her to rest as the camp continued to shift around her back into the efficient traveling group it had been the previous day. She lifted her face up, feeling the sun warm her […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eleven

Photo via Visual hunt The liquid seared her throat and burned its way down into her stomach. Lilavati choked and spluttered, gasping for breath. Manas shifted his grip so he could keep her propped up. “How long will it take to work?” he asked. “It depends, Great Lord,” Ludger said. “On how much of the poison […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part ten

Photo via Visual hunt Manas pulled the scarf from around his neck and tore it into two pieces. He wrapped them around Lilavati’s hands, trying to stop the bleeding. She started shaking. Her lungs were on fire and her chest was too tight. She tried to cough but her throat closed off and she couldn’t get […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eight

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati knew Sieglinde was watching her as she worked, so she took great care not to embarrass herself by doing something so stupid as cut or burn her fingers. “Great Lady, how did you learn to cook?” Sieglinde asked from her corner. “My family was reluctant to let me eat with […]

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