Tiger, Tiger – Part thirty

Photo via Visualhunt Theda helped Lilavati to the low seat next to Manas’ as everyone gathered for the morning prayer. Lilavati slumped forward, her strength failing her. A strong arm wrapped around her. “Lean on me, my dark scholar,” Manas said, kissing the top of her head. “I’ll hold you up.” Lilavati gratefully relaxed against […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part twenty nine

Photo via Visualhunt Manas’ screams turned to roars. The cracks, pops, and tears completed and the giant tiikeri laid on the ground in front of the two women. Lilavati waited patiently until Manas regained his senses. “I will go to his side now,” Lilavati said. “I’ll help you, Great Lady,” Theda said. “No,” Lilavati said. […]

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The breath of the dead

Photo via Visualhunt Ameka stalked out of the manor, face flushed and hands clenched into fists. She’d had another fight with her stepmother. She was tired of Lady Raylene and her constant belittling. Ameka’s father did nothing to stop it. It seemed he encouraged it at times. It frustrated her to no end and she […]

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All time runs out

Photo via VisualHunt.com Tick, tick, tick, tick. Kevin glared at Stephen. “Your watch is loud,” he snapped. “I’m aware of that,” Stephen said, completely unfazed by the other man’s irritation. “It’s not as if I can’t hear it too.” “So why do you wear it?” Kevin asked. “I like it,” Stephen said. “It’s a classic.” […]

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The dead do not lie

Photo via VisualHunt.com Yun stood next to the river, her lantern in her hands. Her cousin Min stood next to her. “Yun, you do yourself more harm than good in this,” Min said. “You are wrong, Min,” Yun said. “The lanterns carry messages to the dead. He will hear me and come.” Min shook her […]

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The woman in the window

Photo via VisualHunt Nick and Elsie looked around the interior of the condo with interest. They’d been house hunting for the past month and were beginning to believe that they’d never find something in town. Nick wanted to be close to work and with Elsie starting at the university in the fall, urban life was […]

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Magic enhances science

Photo via Visual Hunt Sophie glanced at the clock. She sighed and closed her book. It was almost time for her lesson. Just as she put the book on the shelf, she heard her mother’s voice. “Sophie, the Master is here.” “Coming.” Sophie dragged herself off her bed and headed downstairs. She walked into the […]

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