The wandering way

Photo via A quick author’s note – a fit man can walk up to 96 miles in a twenty four hour period and elves in this world only need four hours of sleep, so keep that in mind when you see the numbers in this. Sheridan sighed as he sat down on one of […]

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A gift of freedom

Photo via VisualHunt Aleesia flattened herself behind a small rise in the ground. The herd was still grazing, though the grass was limited. The branches and dead trees provided a hazard to Aleesia and her team as they prepared to attempt a capture. Her client had specified which horse they wanted. She’d already located it […]

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A land unknown

Photo via Visual Hunt Jordan guided the drone over the valley. He marveled at the images the camera was sending back. “This is amazing,” he said, glancing over at his business partner. Braedon just grunted. “How is this going to make us money?” Jordan rolled his eyes. “Virtual tourism is the new big thing, Braedon. […]

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