Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty seven

More spirits of those who died in her service appeared. The last to arrive was Vera, the arrow still sticking out of her chest. “I do not regret taking your life,” Lilavati said. “I never will. Nor will I forgive you for murdering Odilie.” You’re a fool, Vera said. Do you really think you’re going to […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty six

The two days sped by, too quickly for Lilavati’s peace of mind. Even Manas showed the strain of the upcoming resumption of their journey. The two of them spent as much time as possible with Magda during the day. They relaxed in peaceful quiet at night and in the mornings their desperate passion only heightened […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty two

Lilavati rose to her feet. Her tiikeri roused and imbued her with all of its power. She didn’t let her fear dominate her. “Lay down, Manas. Let me see your wound,” she commanded, her voice ringing in the tent. Manas snarled, stalking forward. Her tiikeri increased her strength. “I said lay down.” Manas shook off the control […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part seventy

“How do you know so much, my katali?” Manas asked with a fond smile. “Books,” Lilavati said with a sigh. “Though I would trade some of that knowledge for far more life experience, my sikha.” Manas brought Lilavati’s hand to his lips. “Then you wouldn’t be my katali and my beautiful scholar.” Lilavati smiled and leaned on Manas’ […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty six

The three hours passed too quickly for Lilavati’s taste. Once the storm was done, the camp was torn down faster than usual. They were back on the road within twenty minutes. It was still raining, so she wrapped herself in her rain cloak. “How are you faring, katali?” Manas asked. “I am cold,” Lilavati said. “But […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty five

Ariane swiftly left the tent. “So what truly led to this?” Ludger asked. “My desire to take her to my bed in more than the simple way of sleeping up against her,” Manas said. Lilavati felt her cheeks go warm. “Also my thoughts on the Halls of the Damned.” Lilavati heard the not so subtle […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty two

It was Manas shaking her that broke the hold of the vision. “Katali, Lilavati, what happened? Your tiikeri was so loud I’m certain even those outside heard her, and you were sobbing and calling out something.” Lilavati was still sobbing. She clung to him, heedless now of the storm, as the gruesome vision replayed itself before […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part sixty one

Ludger chivvied the cold, wet servants and guards into setting things up quickly. Lilavati retrieved the tent she now shared with Manas and put it up herself. “I have seen it done enough times to know how to manage it on my own,” she said at Manas’ curious look. “However, it does not furnish itself […]

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