Medical update

It’s been a long time since I did one of these. I know a lot of you are more interested in my fiction rather than my reality, but this blog isn’t just about my writing. It’s about me, my life, and everything I do outside the writing. I’m due to go to the vascular surgeon next […]

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So Christmas is actually here

Random Ramblings: Christmas Special Part 1 I did a couple quick vlogs today. I’m in Portland, having a vacation with some friends. This is me emptying our stocking. Lots of practical stuff. Random Ramblings: the Christmas Show, Part 2 Here you get some words from my husband and a bit of philosophy from me. Everyone […]

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Here’s Whiskey enjoying an early Christmas present from our roommates. Here’s a beautiful, snow covered M¨t Hood. We’re in Portland for Christmas. (Thank you Mikhael and Marci.) Here’s the awesome Christmas tree our friends put up. Isn’t it cute? And here’s a Christmas kiss from my husband! (I don’t do selfies well.) XD And one […]


100 POSTS! And a little more

Photo via tookapic via Visual Hunt WOO! THIS IS MY 100TH POST! I started this blog last October. I’ve been blogging since 2010, and I have some interesting posts on my old blog. But I wanted something more from my blog that I couldn’t get from Blogger, so I came here. Even after a year, […]

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Fury: Winterklaas, Part Three

Photo credit: Camera Eye Photography via Visualhunt / CC BY (Here’s part three. Part one was posted on Monday and part two was posted on Wednesday.) Keoni took over one of the bigger chairs. Phelix settled onto a smaller one. Fiera looked around the room before pulling a large pillow off the couch and setting […]

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Fury: Winterklaas, Part Two

Photo credit: aaronlobo via Visual Hunt / CC BY-NC-SA (Here’s part two. Check out part one, posted on Monday.) “So are they behaving themselves?” Alena asked as he came back downstairs. “Yes,” Eire said. “Fiera’s even trying to read Phelix the story of the first Winterklaas celebration, though she did add one little thing to […]

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Fury: Winterklaas, Part One

Photo via staand via Visual hunt (As it’s the holiday season, I’m writing stories celebrating winter holidays in several of my worlds. This is the world of Into the Flames/Return to the Flames. Eire and Alena are the parents of my MC in both of those stories, and here’s when my MC is a little […]

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Coming home

Photo via Mariamichelle via Visual hunt Sorcha huddled in her cloak, watching for any sign of land as the ship glided through the choppy sea. There was nothing but mist in every direction. She reached up and clasped the medallion around her neck and sent a silent prayer to the Goddess, asking for a sign […]

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