Holy Hannah in a handbasket…that took way longer than I expected it to. For those of you who are curious, Tiger, Tiger comes in at around 90k words as a first draft. *falls over dead* Thanks for sticking around to the end (if you have) and what a way to end the writing year. Also, I’ve […]

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Goals for December 2017

Hi everyone! It’s been a while since I managed a weekend post. I’ve been having some issues as well as just general laziness, so those are my excuses. They’re not good ones. But there they are. I was decidedly unmotivated last month. I don’t know if that’s because I forgot to do a goal post, […]

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Goal Post August 2018

(Photo taken by me of a flowering tree in our yard – no clue what it is though.) Hi everyone! Racing the Wind will be back tomorrow since you’re all interested (I hope) in the outcome of the contests between Eridan and Angharad. But as this is August 1st, it’s time for the goal post. Yay! […]

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Goal Post July 2017

  Photo via Visualhunt Another month has passed. It’s July. Yay! *does a happy dance…and hurts her back* *coughs* Geez I’m getting old. 😉 So, let’s get down to it. Starting with last month’s goals and a bit of a progress report. I will be blogging (as much as I can) 5 days a week. […]

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