Station Status Update: *coughs and dusts out the corners*

So, yeah…life has been happening.

Let’s start at the beginning then. Biggest thing you should know is we’re out of that toxic situation and into a new place of our own.

Around Thanksgiving my husband and I headed into Salem to join some friends for dinner. They were a no-show, so we kind of futzed around in Salem and then went back to the farm.

Our landlord, pissed off because we didn’t stay at the farm for Thanksgiving (why would we…we were treated like crap & didn’t want to be around them), told us we had to be out by the end of the year. Now, yes it was an illegal eviction because he never gave it in writing and it wasn’t enough time. But we were done with him and the crap from our roommates anyway so we just accepted it and went on with our plans.

Mid-December we packed everything we could into our car, along with Reidar and Whiskey, and moved to Washington. We are in our own one bedroom apartment – NO ROOMMATES – and my husband has a job. It’s a commission only job, but he has a job. He ALSO has his license to sell health and life insurances in the state of Washington. I’m still on disability, still trying to make a living at home.

I have several projects on the boil, but the two main ones are my proofreading business and my Sims 4/writing Twitch channel. I also plan on starting a cooking channel on Twitch & YouTube. But that’s on hold until I get a few more essentials…such as FOOD and COOKING UTENSILS!

Yeah, as I’ve said – I’ve got a lot of stuff going on.

We’re alive, free of the terrible situation, and slowly getting back on our feet. I’ve got a new WordPress blog dedicated specifically to the next year as we try to get on our feet, get things done, and have a blast restarting our lives!

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