Station Status Update: It’s been a while and now I need your help


(This is about what life is doing again.)

Hi everyone ~ I know, it’s been well over a month since I posted here. Life has been happening and I’ve been fighting off depression and anxiety like nobody’s business out here. My living situation hasn’t altered in any positive manner, and in fact has now gotten worse.

Recap: in 2015 we moved to the Oregon Coast with the promise of a grand business opportunity, courtesy of two former friends of my husband’s. We got here and found the requirements of our being a part of the “grand opportunity” would be to provide all the groceries of a 6 adult household (that turned into a 5 adult household when one of the household members passed away), prepare all the food for said household, and “help out around the property.”

This started over 3 years of hell. My husband was pretty much the only one to do anything with the business, even though it was the brainchild of one of our roommates. When it failed – BECAUSE of said roommates – he was blamed. He was also saddled with 1/3 of the debt accrued from the business, owed to our landlord/the property owner because he chose to invest his entire retirement fund into the project – at the word of his son and his son’s girlfriend (my husband’s former friends/business partners.) I became house slave, and most of the hard labor around the property was done by my husband and me. The property owner did some but it all pretty much fell on us, from the care of the animals to the weeding to the gardening to everything else. When something went wrong, no matter if we were involved or not, WE got the blame.

In March my husband and I finally had enough. I’d had a number of breakdowns prior to that but this time it was spectacular. As a reminder, I have PTSD. I don’t handle certain stimuli well and I’ve been beaten upside the head with a good chunk of my triggers for 3 years. My husband lost his temper and when his former business partners laid into him about how he wasn’t helping them as much as they required him to with their new business venture, my husband blew up at them. I mean he got in their faces and called them out on the last 3 years of shit.

At that point we were also working regular jobs since the business failed and I wasn’t having much luck with the work from home thing. I stopped cooking for the household and eventually we stopped doing work around the property because we were just too damned tired. We pay rent based on what the landlord says we owe him for bills as well as past due rent/debt that we have NO FUCKING CLUE how he came up with the numbers.

We were driving my roommate’s car but after the transmission started dying (and we put ALL OF OUR SAVINGS into fixing it) my husband got us a bank loan and we got our own car. My husband lost his job at the newspaper and is now selling cars. I’ve fluctuated between working from home and working outside the house. I’m now back at the grocery store I was working at before, having left in May to get away from a very bad situation there as well.

We’ve put up with our roommates stealing our food (we buy our own now) even if it’s labeled with our names because “oops, didn’t see it” (BULLSHIT!!!), increasingly unreasonable demands for rent from our landlord – I don’t mean the fact that we have to pay rent, I mean the fact that he keeps changing the amount from month to month, and now he’s decided to threaten to kick us out because we won’t put any more money into our roommate’s car WHICH WE AREN’T DRIVING AND HAVE NO FINANCIAL RESPONSIBILITY FOR.

We found a place we could get into, but it’s going to take quite a bit of money to get into it and our savings are GONE thanks to having to pay for the transmission on the other vehicle and sinking what was left into getting a car of our own because we were tired of the bullshit. It’s going to cost us $3000 just to get into the apartment, plus the cost of getting furniture to furnish it since we own virtually nothing. We left almost all of our possessions in Boise to get here.

My livestreaming is progressing, but not enough to give us the money we’re after. My first paycheck isn’t for two weeks, and I don’t see my disability payment ($750/mo) for at least another 10 days, if not 2 weeks. Social Security is very random in when they pay it out. My husband, as a car salesman, is in a commission based career. He’s doing incredibly well – he’s getting decent paychecks even after only doing this for about 3 weeks now – but we’re not going to get the money we need as fast as we need.

Yes, I know there are laws in Oregon to protect us. We’re very familiar with them. We made sure we learned them before things started going south. What you have to remember is we have very few local friends, no local family, and no one IRL who can help us. We are also pretty much at the mercy of our landlord and our rather vicious roommates, who are constantly badmouthing us to our landlord as well as causing us other problems, because we all live in the same house. They can do all sorts of things to screw with us and while it skirts on the edge of legality they can get away with it because the landlord is the father to one of our roommates.

So here’s our predicament. We’re doing our best to get out of it. What I’m asking is this – do you have any freelance editing projects I can do for you? I charge a flat $1/page. I don’t have any special credentials other than I’ve been editing friends’ stories and books for them for a few years now as they progress on their writing journeys as well as working with my own stuff. If so, please contact me at alisonmguynes1ATgmailDOTcom and we can discuss things like turnaround times and what you want. There will be a contract signed and payment is expected up front. I’m also open to freelance writing projects, if you have knowledge of someone hiring for those.

If you don’t have any editing work for me – or have any freelance writing jobs you can direct me to – would you consider donating? I know, I know. There are people dealing with Hurricane Florence who are in need, and it won’t bother me if you choose to donate to them over me. But please, consider helping us escape from this hell.

Paypal link where you can donate

We’re looking at community resources – and there are none. Subsidized housing? YEARS on a wait list and with our income we make too much anyway. Housing is extremely limited here and we need to move fast to get the apartment we’re looking at. Please, please, PLEASE help us!

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