Station Status Update – A charity livestream and a promise I HOPE to be able to keep

Suicide Prevention Charity Stream banner

(I created this image myself using a PNG image from and GIMP. For having never really done much with GIMP, I’m rather pleased with the result.)

As the image says, I’m doing a charity livestream on Saturday 7/21/18 to support the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention (AFSP). I’ve done a lot of research and this charity – as well as the Trevor Foundation – are two I can support quite happily because of the fact that over 80% of all money raised by them is put into their programs instead of going into the overhead costs. There are websites out there that watch the charities and let you know the details of their financials. It’s quite nice to find charities that give the bulk of their donations instead of keeping most of it for their overhead.

Now, you may notice that it says that on Friday July 20th I’ll be getting a Project Semicolon tattoo. If you don’t know what Project Semicolon is, go here. In 2013, three days before Thanksgiving, I tried to take my own life because I truly felt I had no other choice. Thankfully I survived and got the help I needed. I promised myself that after 5 years, if I was still alive and didn’t have suicidal ideologies, I’d get the semicolon tattoo to show the world that yes, life does go on after a suicide attempt and things can get better.

Now, my situation may not be entirely what I expected it to be – I’ve certainly had my fair share of high levels of stress which a few years ago would have made me feel suicidal – I’m happy enough with my life. And now I want to do something to help others who’ve felt this way, who survived, and the families of those who didn’t.

This is why I’m doing my livestream on Saturday. 100% of the money I raise through donations will go to AFSP. I won’t be keeping a single penny. I’m also a Twitch Affiliate – which means I have my “subscribe” button and some cute emojis that I made (using more free images from Pixabay and GIMP). I’m hoping that by raising awareness and getting people in to watch the 12 hour livestream that I can get some subscribers and start working towards some relief of the financial stress we’re under right now. I’m in a position to make money playing video games live on the internet, and I’d like to see how far I can go with it.

If this works out like I hope it will – and even if this one doesn’t go as planned – I’ll be doing charity livestreams once a month going forward. I have my ideas sorted out for the rest of the year, and will be looking at 2019’s schedule soon. My goal is to create a community on Twitch of like-minded streamers who want to give back to our IRL communities and the world.

If you’re willing to help me with this, you can do many things for me. The first is, of course, come watch and donate. The second is if you don’t want to donate, please come and watch anyway. Every view helps get the stream noticed. Third, if you can, share this information around. This is a link to the banner I created. If you’re willing to help me spread the word, share this on every social media site you can. I want to make this as successful a stream as possible. NONE of this is required, of course. I don’t want you to feel like I’m trying to pressure you into anything. This is simply a request for help to be accepted or ignored as you see fit.

Now, onto the promise – I’ve been terrible about keeping up with this blog. I’ve let myself get distracted with everything else I’ve been trying to do. So, going forward, my intention is to make sure there is a post every single day. I’m using Habitica to encourage myself to do things, establish better habits, and keep track of my successes. It’s actually a fun way to do it, and I’m enjoying myself immensely. If you decide to sign up, feel free to add me as a friend there. I’m MASimmer.

Off to argue with Stream Elements again, do some writing, and get ready for my day. Everyone here is awesome and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

If you or someone you know is suicidal, there are places you can go to get help. Find your local suicide hotline number and call them. Suicide isn’t a grab for attention. It’s a plea for help, a declaration of hopelessness, and a genuine feeling that the world would be better off without you. If you want to help those in need, look at what you can do in your own communities. If you’re the one feeling suicidal, please know that I find value in your life. I’m here if you want to talk.

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