Station Status Update: The shop got another update

Steampunk Tiger Tshirt Design.jpg

Yes, the Amberwoods Station shop got another update. This time I pulled most of the stuff off of it and focused primarily on steampunk.

Yes. You read that right. I’m focusing on steampunk for now.

I do have a couple Middle Aged Simmer items in there, and I will be adding a few more from that later on. But mostly it’s going to be steampunk related stuff. Why? Because I love steampunk and I know a lot of my friends/possible readers do too. Not to mention I’m trying a few targeted ads ideas and decided to target steampunk fans for some reason this go around. So I figure I need to make sure I get more steampunk items into the shop.

Yes, I will be adding more stuff for my books and fantasy/sci fi worlds as time goes on. Right now I need money for the move, money for necessities, and money to facilitate my writing career. And that means marketing and targeting certain groups. Since I’m currently targeting my ads to the steampunk fans…well, you see why I’m doing it this way.

So, if you love steampunk – or know someone who does – head on over to Amberwoods Station! New things are added in every day and you never know what’s going to show up.

(Plus by following the link below you get 15% off of all purchases $40+ until 6/30/18, so it’s a pretty good deal.) 😉

Amberwoods Station is AWESOME!

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