Station Status Update: Memorial Day memories


Hi everyone – and to all in the US, Happy Memorial Day.

I say “Happy Memorial Day,” but let’s take a moment to consider what today is really about. Today is the day where we honor our fallen military. All those lives lost in violent conflicts all over the world in defense of our country, or at the very least the ideals of our leaders.

These men and women made the ultimate sacrifice for the country they loved, many of them boys and girls of 18 – not old enough to drink, smoke pot legally in the states where it’s legal, or even buy cigarettes in some states – and yet they still gave everything to do what they thought was right.

So while you’re enjoying your day off from work – if you’re getting a three day weekend – and having a day of fun with your family, doing household repairs, or having a lazy day…remember who gave you that freedom. And the next time you have a problem with someone protesting something, remember again that those same soldiers died to give them that right.

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