Calling all artists, poets, and clever people! Help a desperate shopkeeper here!


Hi everyone!

This is a follow up to the “I’ve gone nuclear” post.

Let’s cut to the chase here – housing everyone in Oregon sucks. Everywhere you go you’re looking at anywhere between $2500-$4000 just to get into an apartment, and that’s if you’re lucky. And rent isn’t cheap either. Many studio apartments – and we’re talking 300-400 sq ft here – will cost you upwards of $800/month (yes, I know, in some places this may seem cheap…but it’s not out here.)

Now, my husband and I can afford up to a certain amount for rent and still pay our bills and set money aside for savings. We’re looking at anywhere between $900-$960 for a one bedroom that’ll let us have Whiskey and Reidar – and we can’t leave them behind and I WON’T send them to the shelter. Reidar would be euthanized almost immediately because he’s 9 and Whiskey…I have a bad feeling he’d pine away because he’s so attached to me.

So, onto the reason for this post. I’m building the Amberwoods Station shop on Shopify. I’m creating swag like t-shirts, cups, mouse pads, cell phone cases, etc. with stuff to promote Amberwoods Station, The Tiger’s Keeper, various other writing projects, and I’m even tossing up some sayings my husband and I live by for variety. I’ll be working with a print on demand service to actually create the things so there’s no upfront cost to me to make the stuff.

Now, for how you can help me and I can help you. I’d like to offer all my artist/poet/witty saying friends a deal. If you want, I’ll put your stuff up in my shop. I’ll give you the base price for each item. You tell me how much you want for it. I’ll get you that price. I take care of shipping. Yes, I will get some money off of it too, but I’ll still make sure you get paid what you ask me for. My husband is very good at marketing and will be handling that side of it.

So, if you’re interested, email me at amberwoodsstationATgmailDOTcom.


One thought on “Calling all artists, poets, and clever people! Help a desperate shopkeeper here!

  1. You’re right about rents out here. We have to pay first and last or first and deposit (not sure of your area of the coast). This is one of the more insane areas of the PNW. I think prices are better inland from the coast, but not Portland or Salem. You guys just need to find your own place and soon.

    Your Shopify sounds like a workable plan. My brother and I are working on something like that for Amazon. We just have to get the right something.

    Love, hugs, and #choosejoy


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