Healer Report #2 – An update on my, well, my uterus (TMI again)


Okay, if you DON’T want to read/hear about the female reproductive system, my upcoming surgery to resolve a rather specific issue with mine, and general female issue discussions, please close out of this blog post now. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED!









Okay, for those of you who actually stuck around, in mid April, I’m going in for a minor surgery to (hopefully) deal with the sheer agony and rather heavy flows of my monthly cycle. I got an ultrasound last month and it was ultimately found that my uterus wall was 17 mm too thick, it looks like there are polyps in there (possibly cancerous, possibly not), and there are a few other abnormalities my OB/GYN wants to take a look at.

So, in mid April I’ll go in, get knocked out, and my OB/GYN will go in with a tiny camera and a small little tool. He’ll take out the polyps, cut down the uterus wall back to 5 mm, and insert a Mirena IUD. We were already going to do that last anyway, since being on a blood thinner (Eliquis, if you’re curious – been on it since…November, I think) estrogen isn’t an option. Ordinary birth control pills, which he’d normally prescribe to regulate the flow and help with the debilitating cramps, are out. The Mirena IUD is a progesterone based system. Progesterone doesn’t have the risks for blood clots that estrogen has.

This surgery is very minor and doesn’t have the stroke/heart attack/major blood clots in the lungs issues that a hysterectomy would have. We’re going to see if all of this helps the pain and heavy flow. If it doesn’t, we’ll have to discuss other options.

So, that’s the upcoming surgery.

Brief note on the one I had earlier this month on my left leg. It’s healing nicely. I’m still bruised, but that’s a side effect of the Eliquis as much as it is the surgery. The blood clot (which is an intentional one) has settled into place nicely. The swelling in my left leg has been reduced by quite a bit. Next week on the 4th I go visit with my specialist/surgeon to check in and see what he says. So life is somewhat good.

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