Station Status Update – Why I haven’t been here much


Hi everyone~

You may have noticed that Amberwoods Station has been fairly quiet of late. That’s because I’m usually so exhausted by the time I have a moment to blog I’d rather spend what energy I do have on working on the novel – which is on its second draft and, well, moving slowly.

I’ll update you all with everything going on in spurts so I don’t info dump in a single post. If you’re curious about how the job’s going, it’s amazingly awesome…other than the contents of my previous post. (If you missed it, go read it. I get ranty and, um, swear a lot.)

You’ll also notice I say I’m 41 in that post. I don’t actually turn 41 until May 11th, but I’ve been saying I’m 41 since probably mid January, so I just say I’m 41 now. This is my forty first year of existence on this planet as a human outside my mother’s womb, so I count it as me being 41.

I’ve got medical stuff to update you on, but that’s for another post. I’ve been off work for just under an hour – and as of the writing of this post (I’m actually writing this Tuesday night at 9:58 PM Pacific time), I’ll have finished day 7 of an 8 day streak. I’m cold, in a lot of pain, and exhausted. I’m also not quite ready to go to sleep yet, so I thought I’d get a few posts scheduled.

Anyway, I’m going to try to be better about blogging now that I’m getting used to working. Everyone have a great rest of your week, an awesome weekend, and a happy Easter!

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