Holy Hannah in a handbasket…that took way longer than I expected it to. For those of you who are curious, Tiger, Tiger comes in at around 90k words as a first draft. *falls over dead* Thanks for sticking around to the end (if you have) and what a way to end the writing year. Also, I’ve […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty eight

Lilavati didn’t want to fight her mother. Lilavati didn’t even remember Upsana and now this was the fate the Twelve had forced upon them. The two tiikeri snarled and moved towards her, each coming in from a different angle. Lilavati didn’t know what to do. She was unarmed, with no defender to aid her. She felt […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty seven

More spirits of those who died in her service appeared. The last to arrive was Vera, the arrow still sticking out of her chest. “I do not regret taking your life,” Lilavati said. “I never will. Nor will I forgive you for murdering Odilie.” You’re a fool, Vera said. Do you really think you’re going to […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty six

The two days sped by, too quickly for Lilavati’s peace of mind. Even Manas showed the strain of the upcoming resumption of their journey. The two of them spent as much time as possible with Magda during the day. They relaxed in peaceful quiet at night and in the mornings their desperate passion only heightened […]

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So Christmas is actually here

Random Ramblings: Christmas Special Part 1 I did a couple quick vlogs today. I’m in Portland, having a vacation with some friends. This is me emptying our stocking. Lots of practical stuff. Random Ramblings: the Christmas Show, Part 2 Here you get some words from my husband and a bit of philosophy from me. Everyone […]

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Here’s Whiskey enjoying an early Christmas present from our roommates. Here’s a beautiful, snow covered M¨t Hood. We’re in Portland for Christmas. (Thank you Mikhael and Marci.) Here’s the awesome Christmas tree our friends put up. Isn’t it cute? And here’s a Christmas kiss from my husband! (I don’t do selfies well.) XD And one […]


Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty four

Ludger and Dieter arrived at the same time, both men with their breakfasts. The servant returned with the other food. “Ludger, please check this food for poison,” Lilavati said. Manas looked at her with some surprise. “After what we have realized? I do not trust more than a few now.” Ludger held his hands over […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty three

Manas seemed even more confused. “Katali, I have been human again for less than a quarter of an hour. Could you perhaps explain your thoughts before we send for anyone else?” Lilavati blinked. She felt her face grow warm. “I sometimes forget what I articulate in my dreams I have not yet spoken aloud,” she […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighty two

Lilavati rose to her feet. Her tiikeri roused and imbued her with all of its power. She didn’t let her fear dominate her. “Lay down, Manas. Let me see your wound,” she commanded, her voice ringing in the tent. Manas snarled, stalking forward. Her tiikeri increased her strength. “I said lay down.” Manas shook off the control […]

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