Tiger, Tiger – Part forty six

“Great Lady, what are you?” Ludger asked. “I mean, I know you’re from the Southlands – I’m not sure what you call your home country, so you’ll have to excuse my ignorance – but Theda saw more in you than just that. How is it that you’re able to stay with the Great Lord at […]

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Insomnia is my enemy

This lady is doing what I wish I could have done last night – sleep. I got hit with a bout of insomnia and ended up not going to sleep until 4:30 this morning. I was up by around 7:30. I’m looking at my to do list and just groaning. I’ve got a lot of stuff […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part forty five

Lilavati ran to his side. She seized hold of his face, forcing him to look at her. “What is this place?” she demanded. “It’s terrible, Great Lady,” Ludger said when it became obvious Manas was still too upset to answer her. She turned towards him. “Those who were condemned to the underworld for crimes they […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Forty four

Photo via Visual hunt Manas and Ludger both stared at her as if they were trying to figure out if she spoke the truth or not. “Your father seemed a man of great convictions,” Manas said. Lilavati snorted. “Only because you offered him the highest bride price paid for a woman not of royal birth,” she […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Forty three

Photo via Visual hunt Ludger used his magic to seal his wounds, and Manas helped carry him to his tent. Lilavati remained seated on the ground for a moment. She looked at his people. They all had stunned expressions on their faces. One of the crowd, a young woman in a pale green robe, stepped forward. […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part forty two

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati squeaked as Theda released her battle axe from its place on her back. “Ludger has been corrupted by the poison of that snake the Great Lord brought with him from the sands,” she called. “Don’t let his words deceive you. I did no such thing. All know that once you enter […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part forty one

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati blinked and looked around. “Should it not be later?” “No,” Manas said. “Why?” Lilavati pointed to the west. “Then why is the sun no farther up the horizon than a single fingerwidth?” Manas smiled. “What you’re looking at are hills full of trees, my beloved. We’re actually out a little later […]

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