Why do I even bother?

This was me, back in May. (As is obvious, since my hair is long. Have I shown you guys my new hair cut and the dyeing job I did myself? I need to check that in a minute.) You might notice my rather prominent stomach. That isn’t because I’m pregnant. It’s because I’m fat. I […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part twenty two

Photo via Visual hunt Manas turned his face away. “I was up by the hearth fire, drinking a sweet warm drink. I no longer remember what it was. Those people who’d been so kind in taking me in returned from their travels, laughing and joking. The lord noticed me and asked if I’d like to see […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part twenty one

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati looked around. “But there is no tent,” she said. “Sit, my dark scholar, and I will explain why,” Manas said. Lilavati sat beside him while Theda settled on a rock across from them. Lilavati got the impression the preester was actually far older than she looked. She gave herself a mental […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part twenty

Photo via Visual hunt Manas joined them at that point. “You don’t what, my dark scholar?” “She doesn’t regret leaving her home, in spite of your secrets and her new curse,” Theda said. “Preester, it’s my secret to keep,” Manas said. “That is something we need to discuss after we set up camp,” Theda said. She […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part nineteen

Photo via Visual hunt “What is the Barrier?” Lilavati asked. “You won’t like it,” Manas said. “But I should prepare you since we’re about to pass into the area and I’m willing to wager you’re going to see it.” He took a deep breath. “A thousand years ago, when the Antinarians and the Velrusians – ancient […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part eighteen

Photo via Visual hunt Theda looked intrigued. “I’ll exchange one story of our gods for a tale of the way your people look at spirituality,” she said. “We can go on this way until we make camp.” “I will agree to that, so long as you do not let anyone else call you from my side,” […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part seventeen

Photo via Visual hunt “You are far less formal now that we have passed beyond the borders of the Southlands,” Lilavati said, loud enough for the others to hear. She wanted to close her eyes and cover her ears, for though she couldn’t see the fell beasts she could hear them as they devoured their screaming […]

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