Tiger, Tiger – Part four

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati tore the silk abomination from the hands of the slave. It was a hideous gown of yellow and purple. It was obviously too big for Lilavati, with black and green embroidery all across the hood and half cloak. “You may take this to my father, and tell him if he […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part Three

Photo via Visual hunt One of her father’s slaves had already laid out a nightgown and turned down her coverlet. Lilavati slipped out of her clothes. She went to the large basin of water in the corner. She used the soft rag there to wash the dust of the day from her body, whispering prayers […]

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Tiger, Tiger – Part Two

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati opened her bedroom door and found her mother sitting on her bed. “What did he offer? Some trifle?” her mother asked angrily. Lilavati told her. Her mother snorted. “He won’t deliver that.” “Then father will not let him take me,” Lilavati said. “But I think Manas is an honorable man, […]

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Tiger, Tiger

Photo via Visual hunt Lilavati walked among her people, ignoring the stares. She was used to them. She knew why they were there. She’d heard the comments before. How could someone with such an ugly face move so gracefully? That was the predominant one. No man will wed her, which is a pity because the gods gave […]

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  Photo taken by me at Boiler Bay in May 2017 I’m making this brief since I can barely think right now. I’m calling my doctor’s office and seeing if I can move my appointment from the 30th up to (hopefully) today. If not today to ASAP. The pain in my legs has increased to […]

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An old woman’s revenge

Photo via Visual hunt Etta peered at the rotten log, her old eyes blinking blearily at the fungi poking up out of the decomposing wood. “Saya, come look at this for me. Do you see any of the Angel’s Parasols?” she called, her voice shaky and weak. Saya, Etta’s nineteen year old granddaughter, sauntered over. […]

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Adapting to life

Random Ramblings #2 – The Health Episode Hi everyone. You may have noticed I missed yesterday’s post. That was mostly because of the eclipse here in the US. I was excited for that and really wasn’t paying attention to anything else. I was also dealing with another issue, one mentioned in the YouTube video I […]

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A father’s secret

Photo via Visual hunt Sabine watched stone faced as they lowered her father’s casket into the grave. All around her women wailed and men cried silently. She had no tears left. She’d cried them all during his long illness. Beside her, her sister Analiese sobbed into her husband’s shoulder. When the funeral was over, the two […]

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Love someone

I have to leave when this would usually post, and I’m tired, so I’m just going to leave this song here and say this – give someone a friendly smile, a hug, a friendly ear. Let someone know you care, that you love them, that you’re there for them. You never know how much that […]

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