Racing the Wind, Part 2

Photo via Visual Hunt Angharad smiled at Eridan and opened the door. “Here then is your room. I hope you find it satisfactory.” Eridan looked inside. “This is more than I expected to be given, Lady Angharad. You and your lord father are very generous.” “We may put my suitors through rigorous challenges, but we […]

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Racing the Wind, Part 1

Photo via Visual hunt Angharad laughed as Pirion tried to keep up with her. “You won’t win my hand that way,” she taunted, golden curls trailing behind her as she ran. “How are you so gods cursed fast?” Pirion asked, panting from the exertion. “I do not choose to spend my time caged by the […]

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Focus on the blood

Photo via “Focus.” “Focus.” “Focus.” I hear that every day. Every hour. Every minute. Every second. My teachers are forever chastising me for my inability to perform even the simplest spells. They don’t understand me. No one does. That doesn’t surprise me. My parents and my sisters never understood me either. They considered me […]

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A gift of freedom

Photo via VisualHunt Aleesia flattened herself behind a small rise in the ground. The herd was still grazing, though the grass was limited. The branches and dead trees provided a hazard to Aleesia and her team as they prepared to attempt a capture. Her client had specified which horse they wanted. She’d already located it […]

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Snippet: The Miner and the Lady

Photo via VisualHunt This is a brief excerpt from the first draft of my retelling of Snow White. It’s pretty different from the classic faerie tale, as you’ll see. Dairine’s father Lord Gwillym was the center of her life. When her stepmother killed him, Dairine fled her father’s lands with the help of the strange […]

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Ancient drums of war

Photo via Eran Brant stared straight ahead with his whole body rigid. He’d been ordered to stand at attention and that was what he was doing. He was getting very good at following orders. Others around him were whispering or looking around, still rebellious, still angry. But not Eran. He’d learned his lesson after […]

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