Just a childhood memory

Photo via VisualHunt.com The warm scent of the summer grass caught his attention, bring back some of the memories he carried with him of his childhood. There was something about the sweet smell that reminded him of his grandfather. A faint quirk appeared at the corner of his lips. He hadn’t thought of the old […]

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Forbidden verse

Photo via Visualhunt.com Darkness falls My eyes grow dim The keyhole blazes My hand trembles as I lift The ancient key to the crumbling gate I hear her weeping She begs me to set her free I turn the key I am the gate Reina stared at the strange verse her teacher showed her. She […]

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An Esper’s gift

Photo via Visualhunt.com Edgar leaned on his stick and watched his grandchildren play. The light breeze made the summer heat bearable. The river was running swiftly, a testament to the large amount of rain they’d gotten that spring. It was an abnormality he’d seen before, though his daughter and her husband claimed it was because […]

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A hero’s flame

Photo via Visual hunt It was eerily quiet. The sirens had stopped some time ago, and the bombs no longer shook the bunker. Brava clung to her daughter as the toddler whimpered in the dark. “Brava, hush that brat before she gets us captured,” someone hissed. Brava couldn’t tell who it was. “Have you ever […]

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A roll of the dice

Photo via Visual Hunt Onni laid down his cards. “Tescanto. I think I win again.” His table mates groaned. “That’s the sixth game, Human,” the dark skinned Kishnari said with a growl. His wire like hair stood on end. “Are you sure you’re not cheating?” “He’s not,” the psionic Aladon said. “I’ve been watching him […]

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Delivering your own death

Photo via VisualHunt Matthaus rummaged through the small basket of metal bars. His fingers ran across the raised letters, seeking the right words. “Matthaus, is that plate ready?” The voice of his master, Hermann Lauritz, sounded irritated. Matthaus put the final bar in place and locked everything in. “Yes Master Lauritz.” “Then bring it here,” […]

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Cookies and vengeance

Photo via Visualhunt.com Artur could smell them as soon as he walked into the house. They almost masked the scent of decay he was growing used to. “Mom, did you bake cookies?” Tamara Harper shambled out of the kitchen, her gray skin showing her bones in even more places. She smiled, unable to speak since her […]

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Music lingers in the memory

Photo via Visual Hunt Johanne sat at her desk, the sheet music spread out in front of her. She stared at the black dots and bars on the pure white paper for several minutes before burying her face in her hands. The composition wasn’t good enough. She was supposed to be presenting it to the […]

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The breath of the dead

Photo via Visualhunt Ameka stalked out of the manor, face flushed and hands clenched into fists. She’d had another fight with her stepmother. She was tired of Lady Raylene and her constant belittling. Ameka’s father did nothing to stop it. It seemed he encouraged it at times. It frustrated her to no end and she […]

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