Not all ancient gods are gone

Photo via Visualhunt Colette grabbed her mother’s hand. The thick straps of her camera slapped against her chest. She pulled them back away from the orange blouse her grandmother insisted she wear that morning. It matched the peculiar pattern of the skirt her mother forced her into before they left the hotel, in spite of […]

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All time runs out

Photo via Tick, tick, tick, tick. Kevin glared at Stephen. “Your watch is loud,” he snapped. “I’m aware of that,” Stephen said, completely unfazed by the other man’s irritation. “It’s not as if I can’t hear it too.” “So why do you wear it?” Kevin asked. “I like it,” Stephen said. “It’s a classic.” […]

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Not all mist conceals

Photo via VisualHunt Diyar waited impatiently for his twin. “If you keep dragging your feet, I’m leaving you behind. You made me miss it last time. I’m not taking that chance this year,” he shouted. Sivan staggered out of the decontamination chamber. His long black hair was a mess, sticking out from his head like the […]

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A celebration of life

Photo via I’m taking a short break from the stories to bring up an important milestone in my life: I JUST TURNED 40 YEARS OLD!!!!! My birthday was actually yesterday, but I can’t believe it. I’ve been on this planet for 40 years. I’m sometimes surprised that I’ve lived this long – especially when […]

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Night lights

Photo via Visual hunt “Don’t stay out too long again,” Philippe told her as she relaxed into the body conforming chair. “You almost didn’t make it back last time.” “Trust me, I’m not making that mistake again,” Suyen said with a shudder. Philippe tied the tourniquet tight on her upper arm and tapped her lower […]

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Fire and ice

Photo via Visual Hunt Rin stood behind her father, a hand on his shoulder. King Alaric, master of the Northern Kingdom, reached up absently from time to time and patted it. Rin was not pleased she’d been selected out of all of her father’s children to accompany him to the annual meeting of the rulers […]

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A goddess’ morning

Photo via Visual Hunt Elaheh sat at the table, pouring over the morning paper. Beside her, Theia and Reuel argued loudly over whose turn it was to cook breakfast. “Will you two stop? I’m trying to read here,” she said testily.” “There’s nothing interesting there, Ela,” Theia said. “It’s all gossip these days, mostly about […]

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The dead do not lie

Photo via Yun stood next to the river, her lantern in her hands. Her cousin Min stood next to her. “Yun, you do yourself more harm than good in this,” Min said. “You are wrong, Min,” Yun said. “The lanterns carry messages to the dead. He will hear me and come.” Min shook her […]

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Nature is magical

Photo via Visualhunt Eldan stared up at the apartment tower. It stretched so high into the air that the ever present smog obscured the top. “This has to stop,” he muttered. “Yeah, and what are you going to do about it? You’re an apprentice mage with no talent.” the sneering voice behind him came from […]

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