A land unknown

Photo via Visual Hunt Jordan guided the drone over the valley. He marveled at the images the camera was sending back. “This is amazing,” he said, glancing over at his business partner. Braedon just grunted. “How is this going to make us money?” Jordan rolled his eyes. “Virtual tourism is the new big thing, Braedon. […]

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A broken past

Photo via VisualHunt Issana walked slowly through the field, her oxygen mask secure over her face. The radiation suit creaked and hissed as she moved, the mutated plants brushing against the reinforced fibers. She constantly checked her scanner. “Sani, anything?” The voice over the communicator in her ear was her partner Noran. “No, Noran. There’s […]

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Esprit du matin

Photo via Visualhunt Neal and Eugenie watched the waves as the sky turned pink with the first light of the sun. “I’m glad you talked me into this, babe,” Neal said. Eugenie smiled. “I’m glad you came with me. This is one of my favorite zen moments. It can help set the mood for the […]

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A dark wedding day

Photo via Visual hunt She scattered flowers into the warm pool. Behind her she heard the soft music as musicians relaxed the princess before her ordeal. Hui breathed in the scent of fresh flowers mingling with the spice the princess preferred in her bathwater. This wasn’t an ordinary bath. It was the night before the […]

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A Goddess’ wrath

Photo via Visualhunt.com Ora emerged from the cave, stretching and scratching her head. The heat was oppressive even this early in the morning. She sighed and headed down to the river to gather the soaproot that she could bathe the children once they woke up. She went to the usual spot where it grew in […]

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Blue is the color of victory

Photo via Visual hunt Markoi clutched the bottle to his chest. He dragged himself up the steep mountain path. Behind him, he could hear the heavy breathing and thudding footsteps of his competitors. He didn’t bother looking over his shoulder. That just slowed him down. He stumbled as his battered feet found a hole. There […]

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The Mages and the siblings

Photo via Visualhunt Caara looked at Willem. “Are you sure we should have signed on with them?” she whispered, shifting from foot to foot as she waited in the corridor. “What else are we going to do? We don’t have anywhere else to go.” Caara’s older brother was irritated. Caara couldn’t blame him. She’d been […]

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