Happy National Puppy Day!

Whiskey in my lap snuggling just under my keyboard

So yesterday was National Puppy Day and I wanted to share with you my puppy Whiskey. I didn’t see any pictures of him stored on here so I realized I probably hadn’t introduced any of you not following me on Facebook or Twitter to him.

We got Whiskey at the beginning of February. He’s a working dog, his purpose to hunt down the rats and moles causing problems here on the farm. He’s only 10 months old, so he’s got some training to get before he can fully get his job done. But he’s very enthusiastic about digging up mole holes after he scents one so we’re expecting he’ll be very good at his job.

When Tims (my husband for you new followers) and our roommate Eric brought him home, Whiskey essentially bee lined it straight for me and jumped up into my lap. He’s been attached at the hip to me ever since. Given that it’s my job – with Eric’s help – to train him not only in basic obedience but also the hunting side of things, that’s actually very good.

Whiskey took a while to warm up to my roommate Ellie and our other roommate/landlord Wayne, but he’s now very ecstatic to see Ellie and getting to the point where he’ll willingly go to Wayne. He’s still a little skittish around Wayne, but he’s getting better.

This picture was taken last month, before I moved to my desk. He was forever trying to worm his way onto my lap, regardless of what I was doing. When he couldn’t get onto my lap he’d curl up next to me and put his head on my keyboard. That made things difficult at times. Now that I have my desk, he’s still trying to put his head on my keyboard since the desk is right next to the couch and the couch is just the right height for him to reach my keyboard tray.

Whiskey is a terrier mix. The rescue the guys adopted him from didn’t know what he was crossed with, but we’re pretty sure he’s got corgi in him based on his tail and his head structure. He’s also got the corgi smile, according to Eric.

He’s a rambunctious puppy when we’re outside, but in the house, he’s content to curl up on the couch, my lap, or next to my chair on the floor just to hang out near me. He gets upset when he can’t follow me around the house, and likes nothing more than to sit just outside the kitchen and watch me cook.

This is my Whiskey, and he’d be pleased to meet all of you.

And now, because no post about the animals in my life would be complete without my original companion animal – who’s 7 years old now – here’s my beloved Reidar being a shoulder cat.

Shoulder cat


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