The woman in the window

Photo via VisualHunt Nick and Elsie looked around the interior of the condo with interest. They’d been house hunting for the past month and were beginning to believe that they’d never find something in town. Nick wanted to be close to work and with Elsie starting at the university in the fall, urban life was […]

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Death brings new life

Photo via Visualhunt Madalyn let the cold water drift across her skin. Her hair drifted in front of her eyes. She reached one hand up and pushed it out of the way. Her pale skin reflected the dim light that seeped down into the darkness from above. Madalyn, where are you? The irritated voice in […]

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Happy National Puppy Day!

So yesterday was National Puppy Day and I wanted to share with you my puppy Whiskey. I didn’t see any pictures of him stored on here so I realized I probably hadn’t introduced any of you not following me on Facebook or Twitter to him. We got Whiskey at the beginning of February. He’s a working […]

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Into the Flames – Chapter 1

As a bonus for my Kickstarter campaign (see the link at the end of the post), I’m offering the first chapter of Into the Flames for free. Chapter 1 Fiera dropped her lavender duffel on the ground at her feet and inhaled the warm, fresh wind, feeling a pang. She wasn’t even aboard the ship that […]

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Fatal adventure

Photo via Ollie grinned at Sebastian as they walked out of the airship. “This is a grand adventure we’ve found ourselves on, eh, Seb?” he asked. Sebastian grunted. “I’m not sure I like this, Ollie,” the older man said. “We know nothing about these people, or this place. Are we even safe here?” “Most […]

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A soldier’s letters

Photo via Visual hunt Arletta’s hands trembled as she pulled the old shoe shine kit out of the cedar chest. “Grandma, why do you have that weird box in there?” Leticia, her granddaughter, asked in a bored tone. “It isn’t a weird box, Tisha,” Arletta said. “It’s a shoe shine kit. But what’s in here […]

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