Just an ordinary businessman

Photo via Visualhunt.com “He’s been locked in that room for days,” my wife said to someone. I continued pushing pins into the wall, faster and faster. I had to finish before she opened the door. I had to get done. “I can’t even get him to speak to me. The only reason I know he’s […]

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A bridge to nowhere

Photo via Visualhunt Coralie and Sera were tired, but exhilarated. They were nearing the midway point of the forty kilometer trek they’d started the previous day. Their guide smiled at them as she led them to the edge of the cliff. “Here is what you seek,” she said, gesturing. Both women gazed out in awe. […]

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Do the stars gaze back?

Photo via Visual Hunt Ethian sat ramrod straight in his seat. He didn’t have much of a choice. His tutor had tied a board to his back to prevent him from assuming his usual slouch. His spine ached and he had a headache but he knew it wouldn’t matter to the man droning on in […]

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Many tails

Photo via Visualhunt Naoki slipped through the shadows, his bow in hand. His hunt had so far been unsuccessful and he knew if he didn’t find food soon his parents would go to bed hungry for the third night in a row. He cursed the daimyo for taking so much in taxes that the peasants could […]

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Magic enhances science

Photo via Visual Hunt Sophie glanced at the clock. She sighed and closed her book. It was almost time for her lesson. Just as she put the book on the shelf, she heard her mother’s voice. “Sophie, the Master is here.” “Coming.” Sophie dragged herself off her bed and headed downstairs. She walked into the […]

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My new journey

Photo via VisualHunt.com I’ve been absent for a while because I’ve had some changes to make in my life, not the least of which was removing a roommate from our house due to the fact she was a major cause of stress and anxiety for us. We got a puppy specifically to train to hunt […]

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