An apple for the teacher


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Sophie looked at her mother and sighed. “Mom, I’m in college. You don’t give your professors apples.”

“Why not?” Emmeline asked. “You never know. It might do you some good.”

“Mom, apples for teachers went out of favor years before I even got to elementary school.”

“Just trust me. Give it a try.”

Sophie took the bag of apples from her mother. “Fine. I’ll do it your way.”

“Don’t eat any of them yourself. Or give them to your friends. They’re only for your professors.”

Sophie rolled her eyes. “I hate apples, and most of my friends do too. So you don’t have to worry about that.”

“Good. Now, enjoy your day, sweetheart.” Emmeline kissed her daughter on the cheek and shooed her out the door.

Sophie climbed into her car and headed towards the university. This was her first day as an incoming Freshman and she was nervous. High school had been hard enough for her. If her mother hadn’t insisted on it, she wouldn’t even have applied for the scholarships and grants. Surprisingly, she’d gotten a full ride scholarship to the local university, and two grants which were enough to pay for her books and various lab fees.

Sophie got to the university and put up her parking pass before heading into the private parking lot. She found one near the front of the lot and slid into place. She got out and grabbed her backpack. She hesitated, looking at the bag of apples. With a sigh, she snagged them and closed and locked her car.

Her first class was Biology. She hated science, but she needed twelve credits in science as one of the graduation requirements. She settled into a seat near the front of the room and waited. The rest of the class drifted in and then the professor came in. She seemed to be an irritable woman with a nervous twitch.

The class didn’t start for another ten minutes. Sophie got up and pulled out one of the apples. She walked up to the professor. “I know this might be weird, but I have these fresh apples and I thought you might like one.”

The professor stared at her and the apple for a moment before taking it from her. “Apples are a healthy snack. I can use one right now.” She took a bite. She smiled. “This is really good.” Sophie smiled and returned to her seat.

The class began on time. The professor’s attitude completely turned around. She seemed to enjoy the lesson and engaged the class in conversation. When the class was dismissed, Sophie headed off to her next class, bemused at the shift in personality.

The rest of the day, as she gave out apples, all of her professors seemed much happier after they were eaten. Sophie began to have her suspicions as she headed home. Emmeline greeted her with a smile. “How was your first day?”

“Mom, what did you do to these apples?” Sophie asked.

“Just a little charm to make your day a little easier,” Emmeline asked. “I know how hard the first day is on everyone. Don’t worry about it. It’ll wear off by the end of today. And tomorrow, your professors will enjoy their day as well.”

Sophie shook her head. “Mom, you can’t go around changing people’s personalities. It’s not safe. Not to mention against the Witches’ Codex.”

“What they don’t know won’t hurt them,” Emmeline said. “Now, stop your fussing and help me fix dinner.”

Sophie rolled her eyes. “Yes mom.”

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