Coming home

Photo via Mariamichelle via Visual hunt Sorcha huddled in her cloak, watching for any sign of land as the ship glided through the choppy sea. There was nothing but mist in every direction. She reached up and clasped the medallion around her neck and sent a silent prayer to the Goddess, asking for a sign […]

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Even books will last

Photo via Visual hunt Sora pushed the plaster and wood out of the way. “This place is ancient,” she said. “I told you,” Kapi said, heaving the large chunks of brick and mortar to the side. “How did you find it?” Sora asked, slipping in through the gap. “I was looking for fossils,” Kapi said. […]

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An apple for the teacher

Photo via Sophie looked at her mother and sighed. “Mom, I’m in college. You don’t give your professors apples.” “Why not?” Emmeline asked. “You never know. It might do you some good.” “Mom, apples for teachers went out of favor years before I even got to elementary school.” “Just trust me. Give it a […]

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Like father, like son

Photo via Visual Hunt “Okay dad, what is this?” Scott asked, looking over his father’s latest acquisition. “It’s your grandad’s oldest car,” Michael said. “What is it?” Scott asked. “It’s a 1921 Hudson Phaeton,” Michael said. “It’s a classic.” “I figured that,” Scott said with an amused smile. “What are you going to do with […]

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Window to the soul

Photo via Visual Hunt “Sam, your cat’s creeping me out again.” Samantha Harper – called Sam by everyone who knew her – stuck her head out of the kitchen in her tiny apartment. Sure enough, her emerald eyed Ghost was staring at her current boyfriend. She’d rescued Ghost from a pack of teenage bullies who […]

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A storm is coming

Photo via Visualhunt Esther stood on the front porch, watching the storm as it rolled in. The sun had already gone down and there was only a sliver of the once peaceful summer day visible on the horizon. “Essie, you should come inside.” The querulous notes of her aging mother’s voice irritated her. “Mother, I’ve […]

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