Darkness lurks


Photo via Visual Hunt

She sat, staring, not moving. It remained blank. The cursor didn’t even blink anymore. It was waiting for her to do something. But she couldn’t. He was trapped inside and to type meant letting him out.

“Sasha, you need to stop this. Unplug yourself and go outside,” her mother said.

“I can’t. He’ll get out and then we’ll be in trouble.”

“Sasha, there’s no one inside your computer. Just turn it off.”

“No. He’ll get out,” Sasha repeated.

Her mother gave a disgruntled sigh. She stalked over and yanked the power cord out of the wall. The screen went dark. “There, it’s off. Nothing came out. Are you satisfied?”

Sasha opened her mouth but before she could say anything, a dark, tar-like substance leaked out of the vents of the computer. Her mother jumped back, dragging the chair with Sasha in it away from the computer. It smelled of sulfur and other things Sasha had no name for.

“I told you he’d get out.”


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