Strange coffee dates


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“Will you put my cup down?” Crystal glared angrily at Daniel as she set her pen on the open book. “I’m trying to work here.”

Daniel smirked. “Why don’t you put it away and come…play…with me?” He raised an eyebrow suggestively.

Crystal blushed. The last time she’d given in to his teasing had been interesting to say the least. “I’m on deadline, door nail.”

Daniel pouted. “I hate it when you call me that.”

“So you’ve said. Now put my coffee down and let me work.”

Daniel dropped the cup on the floor. It shattered, spreading china and coffee all over the hardwood floors. “There, I put your coffee down.”

“Damn it, Daniel. That was one of my grandmother’s cups. You know, the ones she brought with her when she fled to the US?” Crystal blinked back tears. The cups were as precious as gems to her since she’d lived with her grandmother for a good chunk of her life. Even now, living on her own, she still saw her grandmother quite a bit.

“I’m sorry,” Daniel said in a quiet voice. “I forgot how much those mean to you.”

“What am I supposed to tell her? My so-called wannabe boyfriend threw a temper tantrum because I didn’t want to play with him?”

“Let me help,” Daniel said. He vanished, only to reappear a moment later with paper towels and a broom and dust pan. Crystal got to work cleaning the floor. A short while later she had a fresh cup of coffee and was back at work. Daniel was gone.

“What happened in here?” The quavery voice was very familiar. “Why is one of my precious cups in the garbage? Do you know how hard it was getting them here?”

“I’m sorry, Nonna,” Crystal said, turning to face the white haired woman. “Daniel got a bit upset at me today and dropped it, forgetting how important it was to both of us.”

Her grandmother sniffed. “He should be punished.”

“Believe me, Nonna. He will be,” Crystal said.

“Do you have any more coffee for a thirsty old woman?”

“Nonna, you can’t have coffee. You know that.”

“I can pretend, can’t I?”

Crystal sighed. “I suppose you can. You know where the cups are.” She watched as the translucent figure passed through the wall into the kitchen.

Daniel faded in next to her. “I thought it best to make an apology myself.”

“She’s getting coffee. Why don’t you grab some too?” Crystal suggested.

“I’ll use one of the other cups, so she doesn’t have a fit.”

“Good idea.” He followed her grandmother into the kitchen. Crystal sighed. Where in the contract she’d made with the modern day witch had it said she’d be having coffee dates with her dead grandmother and the young man murdered in her house nearly fifty years earlier? Wherever it was, she wondered if she could talk her way out of it. Coffee dates with the dead were very inconvenient when you were on a deadline.


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