The sky is on fire

Photo via “Mama look! The sky is on fire!” Sonya smiled at little Jean. “No baby. That’s the sunset.” “But mama, there’s flames and smoke.” “That’s the sun and clouds, Jean.” “No, mama. Look!” Sonya looked up and gasped. Across the bay she saw smoke and fire rising from the long dormant volcano. She […]

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Speed of light

“Rose, your sister’s here,” someone called. Rose came out in time to see Renee stagger and almost fall. Blood trickled down her chin from a split lip. One eye was swollen completely shut. There were bruises on her arms and face. Her right foot was twisted in. Rose sighed. The twins had been close since […]

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A child’s guardian

Photo via Visualhunt Carrie pulled the blankets up around her head. He was coming again. She could hear his heavy breathing. There was the sound of dragging feet. She began to cry. She clung to her teddy bear. It was almost as big as she was. Her parents had bought him for her to comfort […]

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My recent adventures

Photo via So, yes I’ve been posting little random bits of stories and yes, I’ll get back to that. But I wanted to tell you what I’ve been dealing with lately. Namely…my heart. Back in August I started having chest pains. At first I figured it was nothing. I didn’t have the signs of […]

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Iron and blood

Photo via The music throbbed in her body, making her head hurt and – Theresia was sure – her ears bleed. “Why did I let you talk me into this again?” she yelled at her best friend. Shouting was the only way to be heard. Between the music and the screaming fans it was […]

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Photo via Visual Hunt Aimee watched out the window as the lightning tore through the sky. She shivered. The wind couldn’t get through the thick glass windows, but she still felt cold watching the storm. “Aimee, come away from the window. What do you think you’re doing? Don’t you know what will happen to you?” […]

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Darkness lurks

Photo via Visual Hunt She sat, staring, not moving. It remained blank. The cursor didn’t even blink anymore. It was waiting for her to do something. But she couldn’t. He was trapped inside and to type meant letting him out. “Sasha, you need to stop this. Unplug yourself and go outside,” her mother said. “I […]

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Strange coffee dates

Photo via “Will you put my cup down?” Crystal glared angrily at Daniel as she set her pen on the open book. “I’m trying to work here.” Daniel smirked. “Why don’t you put it away and come…play…with me?” He raised an eyebrow suggestively. Crystal blushed. The last time she’d given in to his teasing […]

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Flawed beauty

Photo credit: Savannah Sam Photography via Visualhunt Essa watched as the children ran ahead of her. She smiled as they started digging in the sand. “Don’t you wish you could join them?” The snide voice stripped the smile off her face. “You know I do, Opal,” Essa said. “Too bad you can’t,” Opal said, and […]

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