Born of sea and sand


Photo via Visual hunt

Born of sea and sand,
Walking in the dawn.
Listening to the waves,
As they crash against the shore.
I watch as seals play freely among the swells,
Longing to join them.
But I shed my skin long ago,
And now must pay the price.

Was it worth it?
For him, I don’t know.
But to see my children,
Hear them laugh,
Watch them play.
Casting my skin into the sea,
Swearing never again to become what I was born,
It is enough.

My children are different,
Neither completely of my world nor his.
The love of the sea and the forest
Wars within them.
I see it in them every day as they run
First to the water and then to the trees.
My sons love the green,
My daughters the blue.

I wonder sometimes
If my daughters will take my place.
If one day they will shed their human skin
And swim among our family.
But they are not true born,
They do not have the protections I did.
Just as my sons carry not the totems of my husband.
But one day our children will find peace.


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