Monday Musings – Depression and other life bits


I’m not sure what I want to say today. I’m not sure I have anything to say. But I didn’t want to let another Monday go by without some kind of blog post, since my blog schedule is supposed to be Monday-Wednesday-Friday. I’m terrible at keeping up with that though, for two reasons. One, I can’t think of blog topics to write about. Two, it just feels like no one reads my blog anyway so why should I bother.

Except I do know that there are those of you who read my blog. You leave me comments. If we’re friends on Facebook or Twitter, you’ll send me notes there. You’ll share/retweet my link. But still, the most views any of my posts got this past week was six. That was Monday Six views and I have 31 followers here on WordPress, plus whoever drifts in from Facebook and Twitter. Friday only got 3 views. I’m just wondering what I do this for.

My depression has started to rear its ugly head again. I’ve been (somewhat) successfully fighting it off for the past few days, but as of Sunday night, it’s hit back hard. It doesn’t help that I’m in constant pain with no real idea why or how to resolve the issue. It’s one of those things that I just have to ride out until it’s over. I’m on day five though, with no sign that it’s getting any better. I suppose the fact it isn’t getting worse is a plus. I would just like to wake up and have no pain and not be depressed.

I do get to talk to the med manager (FINALLY!) on Thursday morning, so we’ll see how that goes. I’m hoping she does something, but right now from what my therapist was saying there might not be a med change at this visit. I’ve got no freaking clue why that would be, since I’ve needed a med change since, oh, LAST YEAR. But we’ll have to see what happens. I’ll let you all know about it on Friday.

I did manage a successful experiment on Sunday night for dinner. We raise rabbits, as some of you might remember from my farm posts. Well, we’ve been systematically butchering our rabbits. We did two probably about a month ago, and we did two on Tuesday or Wednesday of last week. Sunday night we ate the first of the two from last week.

I needed something to do with them, and as they’re pretty old rabbits, I needed something that would stew it. I only used one, but I took a slow cooker chicken and dumplings recipe and made rabbit and dumplings instead. Oh my chocolate covered blueberries did it come out good. I adjusted the recipe a little to make it taste better. But it was the first soup/stew I’ve made where I didn’t use some kind of bouillon or broth. It was the meat and the rest of the ingredients that made up the soup that flavored the water.

What I’m really proud of are my dumplings. The last couple times I tried chicken and dumplings, my dumplings were slimy masses of goo no matter how long they cooked. This time they were a little soft on the outside – but not slimy – and bready on the inside. That’s the texture I was looking for. It took longer for them to cook than the recipe said it would, but it was worth it. The whole thing turned out wonderfully. I am definitely going to make this again, probably using chicken next time but still. It was really good.

My writing is going okay. I’ve started a side project to my novel Fury which is kind of a prequel. It gives more insight into Fury’s dad, but it’s also helping me get to know more about the main villain in Fury’s sequel and how she became what she is in Fury/Fury 2. The layers of her personality that are coming out are something I didn’t know about her until I started talking to her and writing this.

Well, that’s enough rambling from me today. Everyone have a wonderful week!


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  1. Your food sounds yummy!

    Most of my followers come from FB cross-posts and I try to post mine just before lunch on Thursdays. That’s right, just once a week. I’m thinking of upping my posts, but then it would just be weekly goals on Monday, and a picture of the week, later. I’m just getting past the point of being excited for double digit viewers… And my blog’s been kicking since April of last year.

    Mondays, I figure everyone’s still catching up on their email from the weekend. Blogs are long-form, so they need a bit longer to read it than they do fb.

    They say having a picture helps bring in traffic.

    Twitter is having #MondayBlogs, so you could share there and see if you get more traffic from that. But, journal blogs are probably more limited in scope than other style entries. Recipes are popular, so a blog title of “Dumpling Recipe, dealing with depression, and other life bits” might have better spread?

    Good luck! And I’m listening. πŸ™‚


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