Born of sea and sand

Photo via Visual hunt Born of sea and sand, Walking in the dawn. Listening to the waves, As they crash against the shore. I watch as seals play freely among the swells, Longing to join them. But I shed my skin long ago, And now must pay the price. Was it worth it? For him, […]

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Flowers and a vlog

Hi everyone! I’m having a hard time figuring out what to blog about today, so here’s some pictures of flowers and kittens and at the end there’s a link to my new vlog. Enjoy your weekend and I’ll see you next week! Photo credit: cynthiana3 via Visual hunt / CC BY-NC-ND Photo via VisualHunt Photo […]

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My dad

This is a stock photo. My dad doesn’t like having his picture online in very many places. Yesterday was my dad’s 82nd birthday. I called him and wished him a happy birthday on Friday, since I knew he was going to be out all day. Even at 82 he still gets around. He loves going […]

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Let’s talk social media

Let’s talk social media. No, I’m not going to tell you all of the benefits or all of the drawbacks to it. You’ve heard all of those before and I’m sure you’ll hear all of them again. Instead I want to tell you what social media has done for me. I am an introvert, I […]

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Swallowing my pride

So Saturday I did something I never thought I’d do. I set up a Gofundme and a Patreon. I did them for two different reasons. The Patreon is to help me bring in some income above my disability to help around the farm. I intend to write/publish short stories for my patrons there. I’m going […]

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