Apologies for the absence


This is a picture of the river behind the house from our deck. This was taken last year by me.

So you may have noticed that I’ve been gone for the last two weeks. This happens. I can’t think of something to post and instead of looking for something I just ignore my blog. I need to quit doing that, and I’ll do my best to continue to post something. You may end up with random memes or gifs from time to time with a brief hello from me, but I’ll get something up.

There have been some things going on. I finished my four required therapy appointments to get on the list for med management. Still no idea when that’s going to happen, but we’ll see what happens. Right now they have one med manager, but they’re supposed to get another one by the end of this month and a second at the end of August. The second one is iffy, but it’s confirmed they’re getting the one at the end of this month.

Also, my diagnosis changed. My therapist and I got to talking and she felt the Bipolar II diagnosis wasn’t quite right. So she went over the symptoms in the DSM-5 (I think that’s what it is…the book that discusses all the psychiatric illnesses) and it turns out I’m being reclassified as Bipolar I. She also disagreed with my anxiety diagnosis. Not that I don’t have it – she’s seen the near panic attacks – but that it was misclassified by my intake counselor. We’re going over it today. My appointment is at 8:30 this morning, so we’ll see what happens.

I’ve started walking again. Yesterday I went on a walk with my husband and one of our roommates. They walk faster than I do and I was in pain before we got past the mailboxes at the end of our street. (That’s a fair distance, but not all that far.) I ignored the pain and kept walking. I’m not sure exactly how far I walked, but I made it farther than I ever have before the pain was just too bad and I couldn’t go on. At that point our roommate wanted to turn back too so we turned around and went home. I had to stop at the bridge for a few minutes that you have to cross to get to our street and stared down into the river. It was a beautiful sunny day and you could see the bottom of the river. I intend to walk every day the weather permits. I’m going to lose the weight that’s been the bane of my existence for a while and walking every day will help with that.

I started weeding the garden boxes, to lend more of a hand around the farm. I have a pair of work gloves now and believe me, I need them. The roots on some of these weeds go down four or five inches and they’re a pain in the ass to pull. So when I dig down deep, I need the work gloves to keep me from killing my hands.

I’ve been experimenting a little with my cooking this month. I did a cabbage roll casserole twice that everyone absolutely loved. Then I did a pork roast and roasted potatoes. I did the pork roast in the slow cooker, which has become my best friend. It cuts down on the heat in the kitchen. The recipe for the pork roast just didn’t come out good. We ate it, but it definitely didn’t have the flavor I was hoping for. The roasted potatoes on the other hand, those were the star of that dinner. I’d never made them before so I read up on a few recipes. I set the oven to 450 F and chunked up some Yukon Gold potatoes. I minced six or seven garlic cloves. I poured olive oil into the bowl along with the garlic and mixed them together. I added a little seasoned salt as well. I baked them for 20 minutes. They were so good. I’m definitely making them again, though it’s been requested I make more since we had no leftovers of those and people wanted more.

My friend Deborah came to visit me a couple weeks ago. We’ve known each other for a few years on Facebook but never met in person. She lives a little under two hours away from me and we decided to meet. I invited her and her husband to our farm. We spent the whole day talking about writing, the animals on the farm, and various other things. I thought I’d be anxious about seeing her, with my social anxiety and all. It wasn’t too bad, though by the end of the day I was ready for a rest. Being introverted, I’d had enough socializing for the entire day. She was ready to go too so we parted with much joy in our visit. I’m hoping to make a visit to her soon.

That has been my life over the last couple weeks. I’ll try to update this more often. I hope you all have a wonderful week.

2 thoughts on “Apologies for the absence

  1. Seeing you was one of the joys of my year so far. It’s a great farm and I had fun cooking with you that day. Hugs to you and Flora.


  2. You never have to apologize for your life happening. In our little community here you just need to do the best you can. No apologies needed here. Please be well.


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