My blog, my rules

Head in Hands

Okay, so I got a rather nasty comment on “Mama’s Angels” about how I shouldn’t be posting stories and other things not pertaining to my “activism on behalf of all those who don’t have a voice that are suffering from mental illness.” I was told I was doing myself a disservice and no one would read my blog anymore if I didn’t do what they said I should.

I was very angry when I first read that. Then I was hurt. And confused. How is posting what I enjoy on my blog wrong? Yes, I do post a lot about bipolar and mental health, and I am a firm believer in the fact that we need the reform. But I am also an author, a farmer, a knitter/crocheter, a wife, and a person owned by a cat. All of these things form who I am, so you’ll see bits and pieces of all of these showing up on my blog.

I deleted the comment because I didn’t feel the need to keep it up. It served no purpose other than to upset me. I know I shouldn’t have, and as an author I need a thick skin (between rejection letters, critics, and readers who don’t like what I write). But there are certain things that piss me off.

One thing is certain…I’ll be DAMNED if I let some asshole tell me what belongs on my blog. I am not my mental illness. I am a complex human being with many talents, many interests. I will showcase them all here if I feel like it. This is my blog, and it is my rules that will be followed.

Those of you who are still reading my blog are completely awesome, and I thank you. Sorry for the rant today, but things like that irritate me. Don’t think I’m calling any of you out. You’re all wonderful and I usually enjoy reading the comments I get. It’s just that one that affected me.

I love you all. I hope you continue reading and enjoy those posts that aren’t about mental illness as well as the ones that are.


2 thoughts on “My blog, my rules

  1. Wow. Someone really said that? Just wow. I don’t think you were wrong to delete the comment. It was beyond rude and reduced who you being a victim of your mental illness. The fact you use your blog to talk about it is a great thing, but as you said, you are more than just that. Sorry you had to deal with that jerk. =( *hugs*


  2. Go, Annikka! Look at you roar. Good for you. This is your blog. Feel free to post what you want. Personally, I like your story. It was stunning, as is much of your work. You have a way with word pictures that often surprises me and wrings some sort emotion from me: a laugh, tears, or just surprise.

    This entire blog does not need to be about mental illness or activism. There’s nothing wrong with that, but this is a blog, to share what you feel on any given day. I will continue to read your blog and enjoy it. I’ve learned a lot about bipolar, but also about the cat that owns you, about your farm, about your writing. I’m blessed because I know you from other places, too. Keep doing what you are doing. I like who you are.


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