Apologies for the absence

This is a picture of the river behind the house from our deck. This was taken last year by me. So you may have noticed that I’ve been gone for the last two weeks. This happens. I can’t think of something to post and instead of looking for something I just ignore my blog. I […]

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My blog, my rules

Okay, so I got a rather nasty comment on “Mama’s Angels” about how I shouldn’t be posting stories and other things not pertaining to my “activism on behalf of all those who don’t have a voice that are suffering from mental illness.” I was told I was doing myself a disservice and no one would […]

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Invisible disabilities

You may have noticed that I didn’t post last week. I was having writer’s block big time for my blog. Today I’m resurrecting an old post of mine from my original blog. I think it’s important to remind people that mental illness is an invisible disability. I am permanently disabled. I am not on crutches […]

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