Short story: Mama’s Angels

So this is my attempt at writing something with more of a horror style. I rather like it. A mother’s love for her children is a sacred trust. When that trust is broken, things can go horribly wrong. Small feet pattered across the cracked tile floor. Two figures in flowing white nightgowns crept along, stifling […]

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Animals in mental health

I am a cat person, as evidenced by my plethora of pictures of my cat Reidar. I am also a rabbit person, as evidenced by my pictures of Stormy, my gray Rex. I love my animals and they return that love. At least I think they do. Sometimes I’m not so sure about Stormy, but […]

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Living with an eating disorder

I have an eating disorder. It isn’t anorexia or bulimia, and I’m not entirely sure where it falls into the scale of things. My eating disorder is the fact that I will skip meals because I’m “not hungry”. In the past I could go three or four days without eating. No one seemed to notice, […]

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Monday maundering

So this should have gone live this morning, but I haven’t been feeling good the past few days so I didn’t actually get this written until just now. I’ve had a wicked headache that’s most likely caused by caffeine withdrawal. I almost completely stopped drinking caffeinated soda (actually soda in general), only having it once […]

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My mom

My mom loved frogs. Yesterday was Mother’s Day. That is a hard day for me, both because I lost my children and am no longer their mom and because of losing my mom. My mom and I had a strained relationship most of my life, but things changed the last few years of her life. […]

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Flaws can be beautiful

For the longest time, I lived without any real support network. When I lived with my parents, I had few friends and even fewer I can honestly say I could truly trust. I was the “easy mark”. I was gullible, naive, and willing to do quite a bit to keep someone in my life even […]

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