Our Farm – Part One

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been absent for a while. I’m having writer’s block regarding my blog. Today I thought I’d introduce you to the farm I’m living on. We have several animals and right now only a few crops planted. Once the weather clears up (we’ve had over 4 months of rain with very few sunny days) we’re going to get everything else planted.

I’ve got a ton of pictures to share with you, so you’re going to get some today and some on Friday. So here’s today’s pictures. (Expect a lot of rabbits. We have a lot of them and they’re my chief responsibility.)

Top left: Stormy (my baby gray Rex)
Top right: Another picture of Stormy (she’s my favorite)
2nd left: Fred, our Rex male
2nd right: Two of our Californians (they’re our food rabbits)
3rd row: Our Californians (there’s 7 total – 4 male, 3 female)
4th left: Buttercup (one of the Rexes we’re keeping for breeding and my husband’s favorite…that’s him holding her)
4th middle: Clover (our Rex female and the mother of the babies) and some of her babies
4th right: One of the babies
5th row: More of Clover and her babies
Bottom left: More babies (this time they’re fighting to get to the water)
Bottom right: My husband’s hand petting one of the baby Rexes

Friday will be the rest of our animals and a couple pictures of our current crop set ups.


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