Our Farm – Part Two

Hello again everyone! As I said, we have a LOT of animals on the farm. Here’s the rest of the pictures, along with the crops we have planted right now.

Top left: Reidar (my cat…hey, he lives here on the farm too!)
Top 2nd: GG, one of the horses who lives here (she belongs to the man who cleans our stables…he trades stable space for his work)
Top 3rd: Blue, one of our barn cats
Top 4th: Spook, another one of our barn cats
2nd 1st: Potato boxes (basically as the potatoes grow you pile the dirt on top and keep adding so you have more potatoes)
2nd 2nd: Orion (one of our miniature horses, male)
2nd 3rd: Icy (another miniature horse, female)
4th 1st: Flame (another miniature horse, female)
4th 2nd: Our strawberry boxes
4th 3rd: The river behind our house
4th 4th: Two of the pet birds (I can’t remember what they are and the person who knew passed away on Valentine’s Day)
Bottom left: White female canary
Bottom right: One red male canary, one red female canary (no, I can’t tell them apart)

I don’t have any pictures of our guard dog Flora. When I went out to take pictures she was hiding. She’s a Great Pyrennes. I have no idea how she manages to disappear, but when she doesn’t want to be seen she vanishes.

So this is our farm as it stands right now. I’ll show more once the weather clears up and we can plant the rest of our crops.


Our Farm – Part One

Hi everyone! I know I’ve been absent for a while. I’m having writer’s block regarding my blog. Today I thought I’d introduce you to the farm I’m living on. We have several animals and right now only a few crops planted. Once the weather clears up (we’ve had over 4 months of rain with very few sunny days) we’re going to get everything else planted.

I’ve got a ton of pictures to share with you, so you’re going to get some today and some on Friday. So here’s today’s pictures. (Expect a lot of rabbits. We have a lot of them and they’re my chief responsibility.)

Top left: Stormy (my baby gray Rex)
Top right: Another picture of Stormy (she’s my favorite)
2nd left: Fred, our Rex male
2nd right: Two of our Californians (they’re our food rabbits)
3rd row: Our Californians (there’s 7 total – 4 male, 3 female)
4th left: Buttercup (one of the Rexes we’re keeping for breeding and my husband’s favorite…that’s him holding her)
4th middle: Clover (our Rex female and the mother of the babies) and some of her babies
4th right: One of the babies
5th row: More of Clover and her babies
Bottom left: More babies (this time they’re fighting to get to the water)
Bottom right: My husband’s hand petting one of the baby Rexes

Friday will be the rest of our animals and a couple pictures of our current crop set ups.