Monday Maundering – Suicide

I’ve been thinking a lot about mental health issues lately, especially since there is literally no one within a 60 mile radius that can help me regulate and prescribe my bipolar meds. There is no one locally and I’ve called the nearest two decent sized cities and found no one there either. So now I’m […]

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Writing Wednesday – Inspiration

  (I want to make a note that every time I typed the word ‘inspiration’, I ended up spelling it wrong. Thank goodness for spell check. :D) Today I want to talk about inspiration. Some writers go seeking inspiration in the outdoors while others find it in reading. Inspiration can be found in every day […]

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Beauty and the Beast Part 4

She didn’t return to the house until well after dark. Baldric gave a relieved cry when his mother slipped in through the door. “Ceinwen’s been crying now for a while. I can’t get her to take the medicine,” he said. “And Ronen won’t let go of her hand but he also won’t stop crying. Ronen […]

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