Athena’s Gift – Part Eight

Athena and Justin’s bodies changed. They became taller, more slender. Hair lengthened until Athena’s touched her ass and Justin’s close crop fell to his shoulders. Delicate pointed ears emerged. “Fey,” the Soul Creeper said. “Your kind was destroyed by the humans long ago.” “There are a few of us still roaming the lands,” Athena said. […]

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Athena’s Gift – Part Seven

The next few days passed in a paranoia filled haze for Athena. The night of the meeting of the full Circle came. Athena was the first in the park, in the grove they used. No one disturbed the ancient ring of stones that protected the spot. Mundanes didn’t come in here and no one in […]

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Athena’s Gift – Part Six

 “Do you want me to come to the shop tomorrow morning and do the same thing we did here?” Justin asked. “I think you’d better,” Athena said. “Of the two of us, I’m the one who’s the most accessible.” “Do you want to meet an hour before the shop opens?” Justin asked. Athena nodded. “I’ll […]

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Writing Wednesday – Characters

Okay, so we know that characters are kind of necessary for our stories. It doesn’t matter who or what they are. They are what the story revolves around. If you wanted to write a story about a dining room chair you can, though I think it’d be difficult to create an anthropomorphic chair. My characters […]

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