Athena’s Gift – Part Five

 The rest of the Circle arrived later. Many of them looked frightened. Bailey and her friends looked sick. As soon as they were all seated, Athena took a place in the center of the room. “We have a problem,” she said.

“There’s something in town,” Taylor said. “Something powerful. Something evil.”

“It may not be evil, but it’s not something to be trifled with,” Athena said. “It challenged me today and I was not strong enough to fend it off on my own.”

“I saw it,” Vanessa said. “It was passing through the street by the theater. Everyone moved out of its way but I don’t know that anyone else actually noticed it.”

“We felt it when we were leaving the shop,” Bailey said. “We didn’t stop to see what it was, but we almost started running.”

“As it stands, I don’t think you three should leave,” Mark said. “We may need the whole Circle to deal with this.”

“I agree,” Athena said. “You’re going to have to put off your internship.”

“We weren’t stuck on the idea of going, so that’s not going to be a problem,” Haley said.

“What are we supposed to do about it?” Courtney asked.

“We have to draw it out when the full Circle is gathered,” Justin said. “If we’re united we should be able to stop it.”

“I’m surprised you’re considering this,” Patrick said. “I thought you and Athena were bitter enemies.”

“We have our differences, but even we can put aside our petty little problems to stop something bigger than us,” Justin said.

“When do you want to do this?” Paige asked.

“We’ll do this Friday, when we have our usual meeting,” Athena said. “If you see it, don’t go near it. If it confronts you, run. Come see Justin or me to make sure it didn’t cast a spell on you. I’ll be at the shop as usual.”

“I will be at the library,” Justin said. “Or at the cafe. You all know which ones I frequent. If all else fails, you can find me at home in the evenings.”

“What if it goes after one of you?” Bailey asked.

“Then we’re all in deep shit because it was just playing with me today,” Athena said. “If it goes after Justin or me with its full power we’re going to fall.”

“How do you think the whole Circle can stand against something like that?” Evan asked.

“We all have differing power levels,” Justin said. “Combined we produce enough energy to protect this entire city. If we can do that just standing together, imagine what we could do if we really tried.”

“Meet in the park in our usual spot on Friday,” Athena said. “Destiny, Blake, I know you two hate it, but you’re going to have to pull the blocks off your powers. Or we may not survive this.”

“We’ll do it,” Destiny said. Blake nodded.

“Remember, don’t confront this thing,” Athena said. “We’ll see you Friday.” Everyone filed out.


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