World Building Wednesday – my science fiction building

So last week I gave you a tiny glimpse into my world building for my fantasy world. This week let me introduce you to my sci fi world. Or worlds, rather. Because I have three different story lines in three different universes. One is a cyberpunk story, but it falls under the sci fi tag. The other two are more space opera than hard sci fi, but they’re still fun to work with.

The first sci fi series I started working on was a world based loosely on elementals set in a rather fluffy world even though I intended for it to be a battle torn playing field. Instead I got fluffy. Over the years it’s changed and evolved. Now the elemental abilities don’t even play into it and it’s become more militaristic.

The second sci fi series I have I originally based it somewhat on Babylon 5. I even had a psionic academy that played on what we knew of the Psi Corps. That has drastically changed to the point where if you saw some of my early writing in this world you would be hard pressed to see the similarities to the war torn universe it is now.

The third, as I said, is a cyberpunk story. This one is fairly new in comparison to the other two. I’ve been working on the other two off and on since my late teens and early twenties. My cyberpunk story came around when I was in my mid twenties. It started out, once again, as something light and fluffy. Now it’s much grittier.

In case you can’t tell from this post and the last one, I’m tired of fluffy stories. The original ideas were all light and happy with overpowered characters who breezed through life. There was no real character to them at all. Now though I have real people in my stories. Real life isn’t all sunshine and roses and I show that in my new writings.


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