World Building Wednesday – some of the process to get to what I have today

So, let’s talk world building. Specifically the fantasy world I’ve been building for the last 20+ years. No, seriously. I’ve been working with Vassa since I was a teenager.

The first story I ever imagined (and wrote) about Vassa was a story co-written with a friend where his characters made it into my world and interacted with the characters I was developing for a series that will eventually become the Blood War books. (They’re going to be very different from that string of early stories.)

That kept me busy for a couple years. The next story I worked out was a story based loosely on a movie about Lady Jane Grey who was also dubbed the “Nine Day Queen” because she ruled between Edward VI and Mary Tudor, the woman who became known as Bloody Mary. It was a cross between that movie and Cinderella. Needless to say it was sappy and mostly light and fluffy.

At the time, I was very fond of light and fluffy stories. But over the years my tastes have evolved and I find I like a little darkness in my stories. Those fluffy tales from my early years writing are no longer workable as far as I’m concerned.

But what have I done? Well, I’ve developed the lands more. I now have not only the two kingdoms I initially imagined. on the continent of Vassa, I have two other territories in the same world where I have stories set. I’ve divided the two kingdoms into very separate and distinct places. I also discovered that there were two other kingdoms on the continent of Vassa.

My gods and goddesses have evolved to the point where they’re unrecognizable as the pseudo-Greek gods and goddesses I initially envisioned. I’ve added a goddess to the mix as well as taking out two of the other gods I made up. A new religion is formed and two new gods are born in one of the later books in the story line.

I’ve built a timeline for my books. Between novels, novellas, and short stories, I have thirty six projects for this world that I will eventually get written. That’s a lot of tales to tell, and I’m going to love every minute of it.

Now fantasy isn’t the only genre I work in. I also write cyberpunk and science fiction. More on those next week.


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